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The Jahn Teller Metal: An Insight of the Future MRI (Magnetic Resonant Imaging)

Invention is adventure. Adventure is an addiction and let that addiction be our utopia. Let the inked words ignite ideas and imagination to run free. An international team of researchers at TOKOHU UNIVERSITY at Japan studying a superconductor made from Bucky balls or C60 molecules discovered a new type of metallic state of matter named as, Jahn Teller Metal. It’s a combination of insulating, magnetic, metallic and superconducting phases having the potential to achieve superconductivity at a relatively high Tc (high) as in -135 degree Celsius. We now aim to deploy this concept in Magnetic Resonant Imaging(MRI) i.e. the Jahn teller metal is being used as a solenoid in the MRI thus, undermining the usage of liquid Helium by causing Superconductivity to occur at -135 degree Celsius in juxtapose with the former used -269.1 degree Celsius. Here, a major observation of high temperature superconductors, which has the potential of Jahn Teller Metal, is also further taken into consideration. Moreover, this usage of the metal can cause myriad of aid to the dearth of liquid Helium. Index Terms— Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Heliu