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Functional Muscular Stimulation Through Gesture Recognition For Plegic Patients

This paper presents an amalgamation of the methods Electromyography (EMG) and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to develop a device which is used for recovery of the patients suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries and other neural disorders. This approach replaces physiotherapy sessions, which makes it economical and thus, accessible to all individuals. In this mechanism, EMG signals generated by the movement of muscles in the hand are acquired by the usage of surface electrodes. Acquired signals are then amplified, filtered and conditioned. Further, this conditioned signal is transmitted to a microcontroller wirelessly. On reception of this signal, the microcontroller enables the FES circuit via a switching circuit. The stimulus provided by the FES circuit is of a specified frequency and current intensity and is applied for a certain period of time. Accurate placement of stimulation electrodes ensures replication of the movement of the reference hand on to the imitation hand. Index Terms- APB, EMG, FES, Muscle Stimulator