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Survey Of Supressing Artefact From Color, Contrast and Depth Histogram

In this work, Adaptive Histogram equalization is applied on digital image which leads to some visual artifacts. On the basis of the histogram-modification framework, the color and depth image histograms are first partitioned into subintervals using the Gaussian mixture model. The positions partitioning the color histogram are then adjusted such that spatially neighboring pixels with the similar intensity and depth values can be grouped into the same sub-interval. By estimating the mapping curve of the contrast enhancement for each subinterval, the global image contrast can be improved without over-enhancing the local image contrast. And In this work, Transportation map which is the difference between original image and transformed image is calculated, then a generic filtering method also called TMR filter is used to regularize the transportation map so that artifacts are suppressed . Keywords— Color and contrast modifications, histogram equalization, adaptive histogram equalization, Depth Histogram, Transportation map, TMR filter, color transfer