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Design and Analysis of Converter Fed Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor

The best alternative to the conventional energy sources is everlasting solar energy it is one among the cheapest and widely used. This paper deals with the design and analysis of zeta DC-DC converters, it is been used as intermediate between voltage source inverter (VSI) and solar PV array. MPPT technique is been used for gaining maximum efficiency form solar PV array for proper control of permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC). Compared to other methods of MPPT technique, Fuzzy logic based MPPT technique is best used because it provides better results for randomly varying atmospheric conditions. BLDC motor has higher efficiency and noiseless operation compared to induction motor. Maximum power locus of PV generator is well matched with the load characteristic of BLDC motor. Matlab based simulation is carried out for the different topology of the DC-DC converters and the results are analyzed and compared. Keywords— PV array; Buck/Buck-Boost converter; voltage source inverter(VSI); Brushless Dc motor(BLDC).