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Real Time Annotation For Spherical Panoramas During Image Capture

In today’s world people are creating and sharing content as panorama pictures, virtual tours of facilities, with family, friends and business partners, to provide an immersive experience to the viewer. In order to describe the objects, people in the panorama, the creator has to either explain the viewer or provide a detailed text along with the panorama. The problem becomes compounded if there are multiple panoramas and they have to be seen in a sequence. The amount of time that is spent on the post processing becomes longer and is also error prone. The ability to get useful and contextual information and interact during a virtual tour or viewing the panoramic images is a challenge. The idea is to create a solution that can make a seamless virtual reality [6] tour and can enables user to integrate all the panoramic images as a bundle to provide immersive experience, annotate various key objects, views in the panoramic image, on the go and render it on consumer grade devices. Keywords- Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard, Spherical Panorama, Real Time Annotation, Rendering