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Large Scale Millimeter Wave Channel Modeling For 5g

The Fifth Generation (5G) is a promising technology to improve the data rate and bandwidth requirements for wireless and mobile communication. It is supposed to be a complementary network which consists of a scalable Radio Access Technologies (RATs). The use of higher frequencies in the range of 30GHz to 300GHz is one of attractive research towards 5G implementation. The corresponding wavelength will be in the range of millimeters (one millimeter to ten millimeters), termed as millimeter wave (mmW) band. In this work we study the channel model for mmW and tackle especially the path loss which is one of the most critical parameter while designing any communication link. The band of mmW will suffer from obstruction to penetrate in many materials and shadowing will be another major problem due to short wavelength. In this work, we present the path loss and large scale model of the channel; we consider the impact of higher frequencies and conduct our analysis at few hundred meters of distance. Attenuation is higher for some specific frequencies as an addition loss of power. Key words- 5G, mmW, channel model, FSPL.