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Photonic Crystal Based Optical Sensor For DNA Analysis In Forensic Science

Photonic crystal (PC) based biosensor is highly sensing device in the field of forensic science. This biosensor is utilized in order to analyze and monitor the biological evidence obtained at the crime scene. The structure is created and simulated by considering different case samples. In such case we can consider the samples as hair, saliva, serum (Sperm), skin, DNA, blood cells as an evidence. The simulations are performed by designing structures for the case samples and results obtained are considered as a key evidences result, this date will be stored as a reference. These result data will be compared with the existing criminal database. The comparison of the results will be helpful in suspecting criminals. In this paper, we have gone for designing a two dimension photonic crystal based optical sensor with a line defect which can sense distinctive samples of DNA. The acquired result from the band structure shows that for a little change in the refractive index of DNA samples there will be significant shift in the frequency. for example, MEEP (MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation) which depends on FDTD technique is utilized as a part of demonstrating and designing of Phc. The Q-factor of the proposed of design 13526. Keywords- Photonic Crystal, DNA cells, Refractive index, Photonic Band Gap.