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Data Transmission And Device Control Using Li-Fi

The telecommunication industry in today’s scenario is expanding so rapidly that the users are more fascinated about the wireless based communication since it offers a good experience of exchanging the data while navigating their location and switching between different networks. Most devices launched in the world today such as smart phones, laptops, eBook readers’, notebooks etc. make use of the internet to communicate and interact with the other sources that interact using free space medium. However, with the increasing number of wireless devices the demands for internet services that are currently available like- Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) technology is turning out to get too clumsy. To accommodate the increasing number of users within the available frequency band along with uninterrupted quality of services is getting tougher and tougher. As the result of this the data being transmitted either reaches the destination after incurring a large delay factor or it gets lost in the midway at times due to faults in the connectivity. In order to come up with a solution to this aforementioned issue, the attention is shifted to a newer technology that has evolved through the abundantly available visible light source. As light bulbs are made use for serving the purpose of illumination, Prof. Harald Hass thought about using the light bulbs to transmit the data simultaneously. Known as 5G visible light communication technology, Li-Fi technology uses visible light for data transmission using Light emitting diodes (LED’s). LED’s provide illumination and due to its faster switching speeds it can be used for transferring data. They operate at a frequency ranging from 400THz to 800THz which gives great opportunities for it to act as a communication medium and hence achieve better data rates compared to Wi-Fi. Intense research is being carried out to commercialize the technology. Advancements such as audio transmission and controlling of multiple devices can create a greater impact on the society. Keywords- Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, 5G-VLC, LED’s, Audio Transmission, Device control