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Design Of Piezoelectric-Photovoltaic Hybrid Energy Harvester For Wireless Sensor Network

With rising demand for long-term and autonomous sensor nodes, energy harvesting, an innovative powering strategy has received remarkable attention over several years. The major sources of energy that can be harvested are solar energy, thermal energy and vibration energy. However, as of today, only a single source of energy is being looked at for being harvest. As an extension to this efficient-multiple-energy harvesting is also possible. This thesis aims to develop a multi-source energy harvesting system with power conditioning circuit for wireless sensor node in Industrial applications. The maximum energy is harvested using two transduction methods, Piezoelectric and Photovoltaic. MPPT algorithm is employed to enhance output power and for better impedance matching. Performance results are presented for each one of harvesting methods using MATLAB/ Simulink software. Keywords— AEnergy harvesting, Transduction, Photovoltaic, Piezoelectric.