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Microstrip Multiband Bandpass Filter Using Stub Loaded Resonator For Wireless Communication Applications

In this paper compact microstrip quad mode stub- loaded resonator is used to design a dual-band BPF. The multi-band behavior is obtained by using mode splitting characteristics of the quad-mode stub loaded resonator. The pass bands can be easily tuned to desired frequencies by controlling the corresponding resonator dimensions with a high degree of design freedom. The lower band of dual band BPF is broadband and is designed in such a way that it operates at frequency 1.57GHz. The upper band of dual band BPF is made narrowband with high selectivity and is designed to operate at frequency 2.1GHz. If dual band BPF is made to operate at center frequencies 1.57GHz and 2.1GHz then it can find use in mobile and wireless communication applications respectively. The filter has been designed using IE3D simulation software for a substrate with dielectric constant of 3.5 and a thickness of 0.76mm. Keywords— Band Pass Filter (BPF), Dualband, Fractional Bandwidth (FBW), Quad-mode Resonator, Stub-loaded Resonator.