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Smart Navigation System For Visually Challenged People

Visually Impaired persons requires continuous assistance of other people for their mobility which makes them largely dependent on others for their social life. Traditional Guide tools were available such as white canes and guide dogs; both are limited and have many disadvantages. With the advancement in technology, Electronic Navigational aids were developed for the benefit of visually impaired, extensive research has been done on various types of navigational devices using different methods and technologies, such as GPS, Computer vision, ultrasonic[US] etc. GPS based Navigation devices are very costly and cannot be used in rural and sub-urban areas. The computer vision aids are bulky due to the usage of computers. This paper explains the obstacle avoiding technique using Ultrasonic sensor based spectacles, waist belt and shoes, which makes use of two, three and four US sensors respectively to detect ground, waist level and head height obstacles. The proposed system can also detect pits in the ground and also in downstairs, The obstacle present in the path of visually impaired is informed through pre-recorded audio messages. Keywords— Electronic Navigational tools, Ultrasonic, Obstacles.