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Segregation Of Assembly Parts Using Automation

In Lock and Key manufacturing industries the quality check of keys and lock parts is performed manually using various gauges, callipers and visual check. This manual checking is very slow & also sometimes inaccurate and humandependent. In this paper, the main aim is to check misalignment of visual features of key i.e. logo and hole/rectangle on key sing its captured image. The purpose of the paper is to implement Real-Time key inspection using Image Processing which uses Computer Vision methodology with the combination of matlab software for segregating faulty keys. The defects are identified within economical cost and give less error prone inspection in real time. Primarily the system captures digital key images by image acquisition device i.e. external webcam and converts the RGB images into binary. Later, the features of the keys are evaluated using figure ground algorithm. Thus, the key may be declared as defective or non-defective. Keywords- Figure-ground classification, MATLAB