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Compact Multi Band Stub Loaded Slot Antenna For Wireless Applications

The design of a multi-band slot antenna is to serve the different wireless standards like Global Positioning System, Wireless Local Area Network , Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, satellite communication and Long Term Evolution networks. The antenna consists of a rectangular slot with an area of 0.37λg×0.14λg=48×18mm2 (where λg is the guide wavelength), a primary T-shaped feed patch, a secondary T shaped feed patch, an inverted T-shaped stub and two E-shaped stubs to generate six frequency bands. The multi-band slot antenna is studied and designed using computer simulation by HFSS software. The analysis of the antenna has been done and the return loss graph and the radiation pattern graph has been attached in this paper. Since it has dual feed it ,the antenna is capable of generating the frequency bands that operate independently. The frequency bands generated along with its applications has been shown in the antenna design section. Index Terms—Dual feed, LTE, radiation pattern, Stubs.