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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) In Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines are rapidly becoming an economically viable source of renewable energy. Wind turbine reliability is a critical factor in the success of wind energy. In order to further improve the reliability of wind turbines, the designers have to better the mechanical, electric and electronic components. As recent wind turbines become larger, more complex and more flexible, advanced electronics become necessary to meet multiple objectives. In wind turbines, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) management has therefore emerged as a critical means of improving the reliability and operating life of the electronic equipment. It requires new methods and careful designs to ensure the reliable operation and excellent performance of the wind turbine. In the world, EMC Directives that regulate the electromagnetic compatibility of wind turbines like all equipment, give more responsibility to both manufacturers of wind turbine and operators in wind farms. In this paper, EMC assessments for a wind turbine are reviewed and discussed. Keywords— Wind turbine, electromagnetic compatibility, EMC directives