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Development And Evaluation Of A Portable Audiometer With Remote Health Care Facility

Cancer treatment requires heavy dose of drugs which can affect hearing capacity. In such case it is very essential to monitor the hearing capacity of the patients continuously so that hearing disorder can be detected at an early stage. Therefore the portable audiometer can prove to be a very useful device for the medical practitioners for preventing the hearing disorders in patients. Portable audiometer is used for evaluation of hearing capacity. It consists of a hardware unit which is connected to a pair of earphone and a patient response switch. The frequencies in the audible range are transmitted to the patient through the ear phone. Patient respond to the different frequencies which is recorded. The recorded response is transmitted to the health care unit. This paper describes the design technology of portable audiometer which includes audible range test functionality which meets ANSI/ASA S3.6-2010 standards and is capable of early detection of hearing changes. The system includes a wireless cellular modem which is capable of notifying a remote healthcare professional of the result of hearing test. The system is tested on subjects and result indicates that this system effectively monitor hearing changes remotely. Hearing test result of the proposed system is compared with MADSEN ITERA II and comparison result of hearing test indicates that this system effectively monitor diagnostic changes of hearing, remotely. Keywords— Audible range audiometry, hearing screening, hearingloss monitoring, remote health care.