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Design And Development Of E-Saving Meter To Prevent The Wastage Of Electricity

Most people extensively use electricity meter. It is a simple device that calculates the amount of electricity used. Electricity is a basic need to run all the machines. Nowadays usage of electricity has been increased drastically along with that there is excessive consumption of electricity. Most of the people forget to switch off buttons, which leads them to pay heavy electricity bills. The main objective of this work is to overcome the power wastage. There are different stages of usage of electricity and the charges applied for usage of electricity by HESCOM/BESCOM will be doubled for every next stage. This paper proposes with innovative Idea called E-Saving Meter by implementing four colour codes for four different stages, just below the WALL-CLOCK so that the user will come to know or he gets alert whenever he sees the wall clock about exceeding subsidy electricity usage stage and get alerted about charging double amount for each unit of electricity used, so customer will automatically save electricity (Idea came basically from by studying the mentality of users. for example when the Internet data pack of the customer is get over and he use Internet only whenever it necessary because he is alerted about charging more and he know the ISP will charge more money) . E-Saving meter is a product which will alert and boost the user to save the electricity. It is an easy way of saving electricity by one button touch using remote, similar to battery saving application in smart phones. Keywords— E Saving Meter, WALL LOCK.