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Smart Library Management Robot Using Lab View

The objective of this project is to develop smart library management system using robot. This scheme facilitates fast issuing, reissuing and returning of book with the help of robotic arm. It provides the book information and library associate information to the library management system and does not require the manual typing. In case of any difficulty faced by the robot when it does book searching process, the robot halts and sends an alarm. Typically we need librarian to pick the book and give up it to the person to whom the books are being issued. This is not easy task in case the library floor area is large. Humans take a lot of time for searching the book. To overcome this problem we are developing automation in library to fast diction of books using robotic arm with degrees of freedom. Robotic arm will pick and place book at desired location according to sensor data. To implement above mentioned tasks we are using national instruments myRIO model which has wide variety of sensors, actuators, and displays. Keywords— Labview, Myrio ,RFID, Robot, ,End-Effector.