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A Review On Speech Perception Improvement Technique Using Dichotic Presentation To Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has become very common today. Approximately 10% of the population suffering hearing impairment due to different reasons across the world. Among all most commonly observed sensorineural hearing loss caused due to poor cochlear hair cells function and damages to cochlear nerve. Sensorineural hearing loss is characterized by widening of auditory filter which leads to spectral masking and degrades speech perception. Different researches are incorporated to minimize this effect but from previous studies it is observed that splitting of signal into two different parts and providing them dichotically to both the ears reduced it to effectively. In this paper several technique are reviewed to improve speech perception along with binaural dichotic presentation of speech using Field Programmable Logic Array (FPGA) to be used in hearing aid. Keywords- Binaural Hearing Aid, Dichotic Presentation, FPGA Implementation And Sensorineural Hearing Loss.