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Digital Air Pressure Controller For Four Cylinder Engine

For better drivability and better emission, amount of fuel input & air input to engine are most important parameter. For better injection of fuel and air, supply system of engine should be accurate and appropriate. Electronic Engine Management is the science of electronically equipping, controlling, correcting and adjusting an engine to maintain top performance and fuel economy while achieving cleanest possible exhaust spurt, and continuously detecting system defect (flaw). Due to the demanding of lower emissions, together with the need for better performance, air supply is a very important factor. This paper mainly explores design of air pressure controller i.e. ECU (Engine control Unit) simulation board for the application of off board testing and validation of component at manufacturer level. To Control air-fuel in engine we have engine control unit (ECU), but it is used in vehicle (ON-BOARD TESTING) and not available with air circulator component manufacturer and vehicle service station. So for testing and validation of component before exporting / Replacing, designed handheld controller is very useful. Keywords— Air pressure controller, Pneumatic valve control, Motor operate, ECU input, Emission, Injection of air.