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Automated Billing System Using LI-FI (Light Fidelity) Technology

In large super markets, customers feel uncomfortable to stand in long queue for billing the purchased products. This will get even worse at the time of festival or seasonal sale. This paper provides a great solution to all these problems using Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi is a new emerging technology in trend which uses light waves to transfer data. In this paper, we propose an automatic billing system which is not only time effective but also reduces human effort. This system uses Li- Fi technology to transfer data quickly. The free-accessible android application is deployed in mobile using which we get the product details and the payment is processed in the mobile itself. For security, the products are verified in the gate section by checking the products in the trolley. The main objective of this paper is to avoid queues in supermarkets and malls. Keywords— Li-Fi technology, android application, payment.