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Bluetooth Based Automation System With Secured Access

This project aims at providing an efficient low cost and wireless Data acquisition and control system. This concept uses Bluetooth technology to access and control the RTU(Remote terminal) through a mobile or a computer. The modularity of the project allows the user to modify it according to his need. This design imparts wide flexibility and can be applied in industries as well as in homes. The data acquired from RTU is in real time, all the status of Bluetooth, object and relays are displayed with their real-time status and values. The distance from the object is provided by an ultrasonic system which is an affordable and reliable sensor for the job. The project is secured with a triple layer security protocols. The prototype is designed as an object detection which can be used in workspace or industries. The system is affordable, userfriendly and easy to install and debug. Keywords— Bluetooth, Ultrasonic sensor, Home Automation, Android Application, Secured Automation.