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Piezoelectric: Study, Analysis And A Method To Harvest Vibrational Energy

The ever growing need of power in today's world and the rate at which the conventional sources are being consumed, there is an immediate need of non-conventional sources. One such field which is in such need is the electronics industry. Electronics have become an integral part of our lives whether its a mobile phone or GPS devices . Due to this the R&D's of many industries and institutes have focussed on energy harvesting devices as the alternative to the conventional sources. The present work is based on one such application of the piezoelectric effect. piezoelectric effect or piezoelectricity is used to convert the mechanical stress induced in piezoelectric materials into electric energy. This paper outlines the use of NI labview interfaced with an Arduino UNO to analyse the vibrations of various machines like motor, IC engine, mobile phone etc. Further an approach to model a piezoelectric harvester in order to retrieve energy from these vibrations using PVDF piezo film is illustrated using a prototype along with which a required circuitry to convert the mechanical energy obtained into electrical energy is illustrated. Keywords—Piezoelectric; Low Frequency Vibrations, NI Labview, PVDF Film