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Modeling Of Isolated Wind Hydro Hybrid System Using Battery Energy Storage For Grid Free Operation

This paper deals with a new Isolated Wind Hydro Hybrid System for the power generation which is to be the best option to supply the power to the area where the grid supply is not available easily. The system mainly uses one squirrel cage induction generator driven by variable-speed wind turbine and other by constant-power hydro turbine supplying threephase four-wire local load. Load frequency control can be achieved by using Pulse width modulation controlled IGBT based voltage source converters with battery energy storage system at their dc link. Hydro power is used to supply the load which cannot be supplied by the wind power plant as wind energy is variable. The proposed system has capability of controlling the magnitude and frequency of load voltage. Voltage and frequency controller, hydro turbine and wind turbine are modeled and simulated in MATLAB using Simulink. The performance of the system is verified for balanced linear load. Index Terms— Battery energy storage system (BESS), Squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG), Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)