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Integrated Brain Implant Using Nano Memory

The main aim of this paper is to make the human to use their intelligence and the memory which the computer works with. This bio medical document is the live aspects that make the human to target everything with this tiny memory device, connected to the human brain. Internet is ruling the world for many years, like that this brain memory integrated technology will have the same effect among every people. The vast world is really our memory, we circle every minute of our thinking around it. This device makes it possible to recollect the memories simply as the same way you felt during that moment. This device makes a revolution in the thinking of a human. It is a mini-device, compatible to the size as similar to the phase maker and it has some extra features as follows: (1) placed inside of human body, (2) connected to our Neurons and works with the help of battery, and (3) consist of Nano memory (CNT) having vast storage. So now we can see the intelligence of this great device. This memory is processed through voice and optical support signal that travel through nervous system of neurons. Every nerve in our body produces electrical pulse that carries information and these information are processed as fast as the device can. Hence this device is called intellectual chip. Using this device, humans will be free of memorizing things because this device stores everything they have been encountered in the Nano memory. Keywords— Nano memory, electrical pulse, CNT.