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A Review Paper On Implantable And Non-Implantable IOP Pressure Sensors

Measurement of intraocular pressure in the glaucoma disease is an essential to diagnose and cure the disease. In previous years several methods have been discovered by researchers and some of them are still in use. But in glaucoma disease the intraocular pressure should be continuously monitored. For this purpose various pressure sensors are available which were used to measure the IOP.. Some of them were implantable and others were non-implantable. Recently MEMS and CMOS technology were used to design and fabricate these pressure sensors. MEMS capacitive pressure sensor which can measure the pressure up to +/- 0.2mmHg. This paper presents a review on the all types of IOP measurement pressure sensor. Index term— IOP, Glaucoma, Implantable and Non-Implantable, Sensors.