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Imroved Critical Electric Field And Saturation Current In Double Gate Single Layer Graphene Field Effect Transistor With Back-Gate Voltage Effect

In this paper effect of back-gate voltage is shown on saturation drain current in double-gate single layer graphene field effect transistor. Here it is shown that drain current saturates for high value of drain to source voltage, hence critical electric field and saturation drain current have been improved. Therefore condition for onset of velocity saturation in GFET at high electric field has been reduced. Here this is obtained in double gate GFET structure through a mathematical modeling. This modeling includes the effect of back-gate voltage on electron conduction through which drain current saturates for high values of applied drain to source voltage and hence magnitude of current is improved. Index Terms—Back-gate voltage, Critical electric field, Contact resistance, Dirac point, Threshold voltage, Saturation current, Velocity saturation.