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Mitigation Of Voltage Sag & Swell Using PWM Switched Autotransformer

This paper proposes a novel distribution-level voltage control scheme that can compensate voltage sag and swell conditions in three-phase power systems. Faults occurring in power distribution systems or facilities in plants generally cause the voltage sag or swell. Sensitivity to voltage sags and swells varies within different applications. In order to mitigate power interruptions, this paper proposes a scheme for voltage sag support based on a pulse width modulated autotransformer. The proposed scheme is able to quickly recognize the voltage sag or swell condition, and it can correct the voltage by either boosting the input voltage during voltage sag events or reducing the voltage during swell events. The key advantage in this voltage control topology is that it uses only one controlled switch per phase to control the output voltage, thereby resulting in minimum cost per KVA. The paper presents the new voltage control topology, as well as the voltage detection method, the snubber design, and the commutation logic for the thyristors bypass switch. Experiments have been carried out to verify the validity of the proposed scheme.