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Power Generation Using Piezoelectric System For Street Light System

In this paper, an electrical model of the piezoelectric system is represented. In addition, a prototype model is implemented where an array of piezo buzzers was connected in parallel and the output of this array is rectified and regulated and given to a PIC controller. The regulated output is fed into a PIC controller. On the application of pressure to the piezo array the PIC is programmed to derive two outputs. One of which is a constant output of 5V and the other is a Pulse width modulated signal (PWM) of frequency 25 KHz. The constant 5V is given to a Boost Circuit to obtain a voltage of 8-9.6V which is stored in a Neon Rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is used to power the lights. Index Terms— Piezosensors, PIC Controller, PWM Signal, Rechargeable Battery.