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Cost Effective And Optimal Load Dispatch Solution For Scalable Dc Microgrid Using GA

In a micro grid power system, the power plants are not located at the same distance from the centre of loads and their fuel costs are different. Under normal operating conditions, the generation capacity is more than the total load demand and losses. Which increase the options for scheduling generation. In small islands power is generated in rooftops which can be formed as interconnected power system. The objective is to find the real and reactive power scheduling of each power plant separating the self generated power in such a way as to minimize the operating cost. Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) is the scheduling of generators to minimize total operating cost of generator units subjected to equality constraint of power balance within the minimum and maximum operating limits of the generating units. This is done with the help of GA which gives best optimum solution of all the algorithms. Keywords— Microgrid, GA, ELD.