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Explosive Detection & Deactivation By Wireless Sensors &Networks

An increase in explosive attacks in present era has boosted the need to have a continuous monitoring of explosives in public places. This paper proposes an effective warning mechanism for security threats in public places such as stations, temples, community halls, offices so that security corps can take immediate action against explosive threats. Using a multi phase wireless sensor network, the system will provide a technique to reduce, control, warn about and provide essential security measures for the forthcoming terrorist activity by accurate and fast detection of explosives and deactivating them. Multiple wireless sensor nodes integrated with different types of sensors is used to identify the chemical composition of explosives. Based on different orthogonal techniques, the system collect data from the sensing nodes dynamically aggregate the data and forward to the sink node for further analysis. A mobile node has been introduced to confirm the suspected objects, thus contributing an enhanced target tracking mechanism that reduces number of false alarms. After suspecting the object a command (basically a code for deactivation) is sent to the object’s brain for system failure or deactivation of the explosive system.