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Heart Wave Monitoring Using Biotelemetry For Emergency Medical Service

The risk of chronic diseases increases as population increases which in turn results an increase in cost of healthcare.Health care is currently one of the most regulated industries in the country. Doctors already devote a significant amount of their day to detailed documentation, paperwork, and signatures. This takes away from potential time doctors can spend at the bedside with their patients. In such cases technology of biotelemetry plays a vital role. Telemetry is used for patients (biotelemetry) who are at risk of abnormal heart activity, generally in a coronary care unit. Such patients are outfitted with measuring, recording and transmitting devices. A data log can be useful in diagnosis of the patient's condition by doctors. In general terms, Biotelemetry (or Medical Telemetry) involves the application of telemetry in the medical field to remotely monitor various vital signs of ambulatory patients. A doctor can observe a patient’s ECG, temperature and heart beat rate from a distant place with this technology. The major challenge however is to develop computational models for automated detection of health events that can work reliably in the natural field environment. The implementation of our project is to determine real time patient monitoring within an integrated tele-medicine system prototype. Each of the physical parameters that are to be transmitted are sensed using appropriate sensors and are processed in an Arm processor. We have used ZigBee technology for wireless transmission of these physical parameters and they are updated in a web portal (IoT). Apart from this we are going to introduce an automatic syringe which injects nitro-glycerine when any abnormalities occur (i.e. upon proper prescription by a doctor).It tends to provide relief for the victim when there is occurrence of any situation such as a heart attack. Keywords— Biotelemetry, Sensor, Web server, Arm processor lpc2148,ZigBee, IoT.