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Intelligent Surveillance System With Low Power, Memory Consumption And Anti False Triggering Wireless Sensor Majority Voting Mechanism

In this paper we design and implement intelligent surveillance system with low power, memory consumption and anti false triggering wireless sensor majority voting mechanism. Traditional surveillance systems suffer from an unnecessary wire connection sensor to main control unit, false triggering due to the envormental effect on sensors, waste of power and the shortcomings of memory conditions in the absence of invasion. In this design we use Pyroelectric Infrared sensors (PIR) and ultrasonic sensors as the alert group in windows and doors where an intruder must pass through. These low-power alert sensors wake up the MCU (Micro Controller Unit) which has power management for the ultrasonic sensors and PIR sensors indoors. This state transition method saves a large number of sensors required for the alert power. We also use the wireless sensor majority voting mechanism (WSMVM) to manage the wireless sensor groups to enhance the probability of multiple sensors sensing. After the MCU sends the sensor signals to the embedded system, the program starts the Web camera. Our sensing experiment shows that there is No false triggering in the system & reduce the system’s power consumption. Index Terms— Pyroelectric Infrared sensors (PIR) sensor majority voting mechanism (WSMVM) MCU (Micro Controller Unit,.