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A Novel Hybrid-Element FSS For Radome Applications

A novel hybrid-element based Frequency selective surface (FSS) structure is presented in this paper for radome application, which consists of a Jerusalem cross configured within a square loop element. The EM performance analysis of proposed FSS structure is carried out based on equivalent circuit model approach. In order to show the efficacy of the approach, the computed result is validated with that of full wave analysis method. Excellent agreement is obtained between the computed and reported results. The proposed FSS structure exhibits bandpass characteristics characteristic centered at 14.3 GHz associated with two reflection bands centered at 6.98 GHz and 20.74 GHz. In view of streamline radome applications, the EM performance characteristics are studied at oblique angle of incidence for TE and TM polarizations. Index Terms— Frequency Selective Surfaces, FSS, JC-FSS, Square Loop FSS, Hybrid Element FSS, Equivalent Circuit Model.