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Modernization Of Automation In Power Grid: Smart Grid

The terms smart grid, intelliGrid, and secure smart grid are being used today to describe technologies that automatically and rapidly isolate faults, restore power, monitor demand, and maintain and restore stability for more reliable generation, transmission, and delivery of electric power. In smart grid, reliable and real-time information and communication networks play a very critical role. By integrating the appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure, automated control, sensing and metering technologies, and energy management techniques, the smart grid has emerged as a solution that empowers utilities and consumers to share the responsibilities of operating and managing the power grid more efficiently. This paper presents an Intelligent Feedback Control (IFC) framework in smart grids, which optimizes the smart grid power generation by perfectly tracking the load demand fluctuations and by improving energy efficiency, reliability, and safety of the power grid to maximizing economic and ecological benefits. Keywords— Distribution Management System (DMS), Intelligent Terminal Unit (ITU), Smart Grid, Smart Meter