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Visual Cryptography For Secret Images: Color Scheme And Pixel/Bit Sieves Scheme

In this paper we used the new color scheme and bit/pixel sieve method for secret image transmission. In new color scheme the secret image was encrypted with natural images without altering the parent image. This will avoid the problem of pixel expansion. The encryption process extracts the feature of the natural image and secret image to form new encrypted image. Bit/ pixel sieve method is a primitive method in cryptography. In this method an encryption was using user defined key and secret image. This method is more suitable for the image whose pixel ratio of black to white pixel is 1. Both the method new color scheme and bit sieve method has specific advantages like data transmission without pixel expansion, ease of data recovered, data quality maintained, no distortion, it reduces the transmission loss & risk. These methods are suitable for the grey, black and white and color images. Both methods are stable and adequate control during transmission. But still there is opportunity to improve for multiple image and pixel / bit sieve method for the image used for more security of data transmission. Keywords— Visual Cryptography, Key Management, Key Expansion, Secret Sharing, Pixel Expansion & Transmission Risk.