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Review Report On Latent Fingerprint Enhancement Using Adaptive Filter

Enhancement of Latent fingerprint is very important task in forensic and criminal investigation in law enforcement agencies. To improve the inferior quality of smudgy, blurry latent fingerprint we used adaptive filter. Using adaptive filter, the latent fingerprint gets de-noise and we get more clear local ridge characteristics. In this paper, we are more focused on filtering subpart in all the previous enhancement algorithms. Our aim is to study different filters and its characteristics. Also studied different previous techniques using filters on latent fingerprints Experimental results show more clearly that the previous enhancement method is not giving good result on Latent fingerprint from NIST 27A database as compared to normal fingerprint from FVC 2000 DB 1_B.Therefore, we propose new technique which consist of adaptive hybrid filter that is combination of modified Gabor filter along with directional median filter and band pass filter for singular points. Keywords— Latent Fingerprint Enhancement, Adaptive Hybrid Filters.