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Load Frequency Control For Four Area Power System Using Different Controllers

This paper explores the potential of using soft computing methodologies in controllers and their advantages overconventional methods. PID controller, being the most widely used controller in industrial applications, needs efficient methods to control the different parameters of the plant. As reported by several researchers, the conventional approach of PID controller is not very efficient due to the presence of non-linearity in the system of the plant. Also, the output of the conventional PID system has a quite high overshoot and settling time. The main focus of this work is on the controller to obtain good output frequency responses. The tuning of PID controller is necessary to get an output with better dynamic and static performance. The application of PID controller imparts it the ability of tuning itself automatically in an on-line process while the application. The output response of PID-tuning is compared with I, PI and conventional PID controller and found reasonably good over these conventional controllers. Keywords— Conventional Controller, Interconnected Power System, Load Frequency Control (LFC), PID Tuning, Tie-Lin