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Design Of Unipolar Phase Disposition Technique Connected To Five-Level PV Inverter Employing Fuzzy Control

This paper offers a simple five-level inverter topology for grid-connected PV systems with unipolar phase disposition pulse width-modulated (PWM) technique. This technique uses two reference signals instead of single reference whose magnitude is equal to each other with an offset corresponding to the magnitude of the triangular carrier signal to generate the PWM signals for the IGBT’s. The inverter compromises much less harmonic distortion and can function at near-unity power factor. It utilizes twofold reference signals and a carrier signal to produce PWM switching signals. The circuit topology and operating principle of the proposed inverter were analysed in detail. A FUZZY-LOGIC control is applied to enhance the performance of the inverter. MATLAB/SIMULINK results designate that the THD of the Fuzzy Controller Circuit shows the better performance. Keywords- Photo-voltaic system, five level inverter, fuzzy controller, unipolar phase disposition PWM, THD.