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Development Of Algorithm For Earthing System Design Under Seismic Consideration

The present work focuses to provide information pertinent to safe grounding practices in ac substation design and to establish the safe limits of voltage or potential difference under normal and fault conditions. The grounding grid for a practical substation has been designed using a computer based program. The supporting data has been obtained from the field values of substation. Standard equations have been used in the design of the earthing system to get the desired parameters such as step and touch voltage criterion, earth resistance, grid resistance, maximum grid current, minimum number of conductors, size of conductors, etc. Moreover substations are also subjected to earthquakes when placed in a prominent zone. The design criterion of the overall system gets affected when the earthquake damage factors are taken into consideration. A systematic study of the earthquake and its catastrophic effects has been carried out and the design philosophy to be implemented to minimize the damages has also been put forward. Seismic consideration becomes very much essential when the overall service reliability of the system is to be increased. Considering all the factors, an earthing grid has been designed analytically. Index Terms- Earthing Grid, Step, Touch, Seismic.