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Robust Design Of Automatic Generation Controller Using Iterative Taguchi Optimization Technique

This paper presents the design of automatic generation control (AGC) of an unequal three area thermal reheat power system. The satisfactory operation of AGC requires robust optimal controller parameters that provide better dynamic performance over a wide range of operating conditions and various load scenarios.AGC is implemented by means of a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller and the optimal design of AGC controller parameters by Taguchi optimization technique is considered. The system dynamic responses obtained by Taguchi designed AGC and AGC designed by other recent techniques such as PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization ) are compared and analyzed. The paper includes SIMULINK model of three area power system and MATLAB program to implement Taguchi optimization. Thus the effect of control parameters on power system operation is studied. Index Terms- Automatic generation controller, Load-frequency control, Proportional- integral- derivative controller, Robustness, Taguchi robust design.