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MPPT Based Solar Photo-Voltaic For Auto Irrigation System

Renewable energy sources have a great concern nowadays to overcome the conventional energy sources problem. The solar energy is one of the promising renewable energy that is implemented in different scale to the energy demand. The Photovoltaic cell (PV) is used to convert solar energy into electrical energy which has a non-linear characteristic between its current and voltage and also is highly sensitive to the atmospheric conditions, in particular temperature and solar radiation. This paper proposes an incremental conductance algorithm for MPPT of the PV system in order to enhance its performance, in transient and steady state, and robustness and accelerate the recovery time due to a sudden change in the connected load. The system described here monitors the moisture needs of crops through buried sensors and automatically pumps water for irrigation when the need arises. The system is very simple to operate and ideally suits the irrigation need of rural farmers. Keywords— Solar energy, MPPT Technique - Incremental Conductance Algorithm, Irrigation, Moisture Sensor.