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Improvement Of Accuracy Of A Touch Switch With The Function Of Bending And Addition

Recently, touch switch is used in many cases. However, it had some disadvantages. For the improvement, we proposed an advanced touch switch. The size of touch area can be changed easily. It can be bent. The number of switches can be changed easily. Even if the number of switches changes, the number of electric wires does not change at all and the size of detection circuit also does not change. Thus, it was very convenient, but there exist a problem. According as the number of touch switches increases, the accuracy decreases. When a user touches the panel, the small current flows. This is because it flows through human finger. The range of value is under [nA]. As practically, the maximum number of switches is about 20. For one of the solution, an improved model is proposed in this study. This model has each sub-circuit under each touch switch. If the switch is touched, the relay switch in sub-circuit is connected to voltage source directly. Different from the value of current of conventional model, the current is much larger, so we can easily distinguish which switch is touched. From our experiment and analysis, it is understand that more than 350 switches can be connected. It is enough number in practice. Index terms- Touch switch, Bent, Addition, High accuracy, No-fixed position.