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A Review: Sound Source Localization And Audio Beam Formation

It is always desired to have a noise free communica-tion during the corporate and formal meetings. Sound source localization and the audio beam formation are the acoustic sig-nal processing techniques intended for this purpose. Both these methods deals with the microphone array signal processing to reduce the effect of noise on the output of microphones and to deliver a clean signal. Sound source localization is nothing but a method of estimating the spatial position of the speaker or sound source by exploiting the output from each sensor in the array. Similarly audio beam formation along with the appro-priate geometry of microphones in the array combines the in-coming signal into a noise free beam of signal. The beam for-mation changes the response pattern of the array so that it pro-vides maximum gain only in one angular direction which is pre-viously calculated by the sound source localizing part. Thus the combination of these two techniques can be used to capture the maximum from the speaker and ignoring the noise in the con-ference rooms. All this work will be done by using microphone array and MATLAB. Keywords— Sound source localization, audio beam formation, acoustic, microphone array processing, MATLAB.