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A Review: Autonomous Agribot For Smart Farming

Increasing population requires the food production to be increased which requires better cultivation in the form of proper utilization of seeds and fertilizers with minimum labor work. The main objective of autonomous agribot is efficient utilization of resources and to reduce labor work. It can perform various tasks like soil testing, sowing of seeds, spraying of fertilizers and harvesting of fruits. It can measure the NPK content of soil using colour testing of chemical solution using fiber optic and dispense the required amount of fertilizers which is necessary or less in soil. It can dig a hole in soil by drilling mechanisms and plants seed and cover hole by soil again. It can spray the pesticides using spraying mechanisms. All above operations are performed by using ARDUINO controller which is master and others are lilypad which are slaves performs specific operation. By using image processing and robotic arm the agribot will detect fruits on tree and cut the fruit and dump it on basket, all this harvesting work can be done by using Raspberry pi. Keywords— Agribot, ARDUINO controller, Raspberry pi, NPK testing, sowing of seeds, pesticides spraying, Harvesting.