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Life In International Space Station Harmful Effects Of Microgravity Condition And Its Possible Solutions

The main purpose of ISS is to provide habitable environment to the crew members to perform different experiments under the effect of microgravity. It also helps in monitoring earth, moon, stars, planets and space under zero gravity conditions. But living and working in microgravity conditions is not that simple. Microgravity presents a challenging environment to the crew Members. Whether you are sleeping or eating or doing any work, everything in ISS floats around you unless it is secured in place. Moreover bones and muscles weaken, and other changes also takes place within the body. Studying the prolonged effect of microgravity in the human body is another major project going on in ISS. Apart from microgravity there are many other problems faced by crew members. The amount of radiation in the ISS is much more as compared to the Earth because of very thin atmosphere, unable to filter the radiation from sun. There are many harmful effects of exposure to such amount of radiation to the body of crew members. In this paper our team will present the harmful effects of living and working in ISS and their possible solutions to minimize those harmful effects.