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Mesh System For Safer Flight

Number of birds hitting planes doubles to 2200. As due to increase in the deforestation and less plantations in cities, pollution has led to some critical circumstances. The areas of cities are unsafe and have a lot of traffic which resulted in the movement of birds toward the open place and most of the time they are near to either shipyard or airport. These birds create a lot of problems for their self and sometimes it could be fatal. Due to technical advancement and recent development the air traffic has drastically increased. now the worst case happens due to the bird that are there near airport they generally fly in the vicinity of airport, so whenever the flight is taking off or landing and if at that time is any bird or group of bird come in way of plane and generally toward the engine then they get sucked which may result in engine failure or accident. Now in order to minimize this problem we came up with our very own innovative idea of using a “Mesh System For Safer Flight”. In this consideration for example if the plane is taking off then if the bird hits the engine/approaches toward the engine, so in order to minimize this problem we will be using a mesh system that would be more or less like an honeycomb. When the birds would strike the engine then the bird will not get into the engine rather instead it will strike on honeycomb like structure. This will help a lot in reducing the accident that is happening now a day. Keywords — Bird Hit, Honeycomb, Mesh.