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Power Flow Management In A PV System Supplying Dc Loads

The usage of LED lights, compact fluorescent lamps, electronic chokes and inverter-fed drives helps to save energy. These devices have to operate from a dc source so a change in the load profile is noticed in electrical grid. These loads can be connected directly to the dc bus. A grid-connected PV system consist of a power source (PV array), a power grid, in which a power flow management system is needed to balance the power flow. By sensing the battery voltage, operating mode of the bidirectional converter is selected. The voltage values are verified for different modes of operation by varying the DC load. Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) using Perturb & Observe algorithm is proposed to improve energy conversion efficiency. The proposed system is tested by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. Index Terms—Bidirectional converter, Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), photovoltaic (PV) power system, switching mode DC-DC converter, switching duty cycle, Perturb & Observe control, dc bus, power flow management system (PMS).