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Electronic Voting System And Its Role In Ensuring Credible Electoral Process (Nigeria As A Case Study)

The Evolution and advancement of various technologies, exactly information technology has greatly obsoleted the standard method of polishing off many-sided functions. Invariably, company outfits, Private Businesses, Governmental, lawmaking and leadership structures, etc. all look towards the exploration of time saving, Efficient, Effective and additional reliable ways in which there day to day businesses can be run. Thus, kinds of technologies that may facilitate these functions are welcomed with open arms. To confirm credible and truthful electoral method, different world governments are step by step substituting the paper ballot method of conducting elections with newer and additional systematic ways that is suitable in eliminating the traditional method of conducting elections (E.g. the Electronic voting systems). Apparently, the discretionary and obscure fuss that has encircled the Nigerian elections in decades suggests that the simplest way to work against this menace would be to integrate the e-voting system into the voting system of the Nigerian government. This study will carefully analyse the various issues that are inherent with the Nigerian electoral method further as counsel ways in which these shortcomings are solved. It will further highlight and identify distinct criteria’s that should be met before the evoting system can be successfully implemented. Keywords- Smart Electronic voting machine (EVM), Card reader, Ballot unit, Control unit