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Contingency Analysis Of The South Eastern Nigeria 330kv Network Using Powerworld Simulator

In this work, the South Eastern 330kv network was subjected to contingency analysis to ascertain the transmission line behaviour during contingency. For clarity, an eleven bus system of the Nigeria’s South-Eastern 330kv network was adopted for analysis. Power world simulator was used for the analysis. A load flow was run on the network using Newton-Raphson method, which is followed by contingency selection/screening and evaluation of each line and generator in the network. The violations/overloads obtained from the contingency analysis were taken down. The simulation result indicates a bus voltage violation at New-heaven, Onitsha, Alaoji and P.H Main. Also there was overloading of lines between Alaoji-Afam, Onitsha-Alaoji, Benin-Onitsha and Sapelle-Benin lines. Some recommendations were made in line with the results which include making Onitsha-Alaoji double circuit and the use of FACT (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission) devices to improve the lines reactive power transfer capability in any contingency event, as they have faster switching than the traditional compensation devices. Keywords— Contingency, PowerWorld, Network, security, load flow.