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The Design And Implementation Of Hazardous Fluid Level Monitor Using A Pressure Sensor: Bedrock For Capacity Building And Sustainable Development In Nigeria

Measuring the level of fluids in a process plant vessel or reservoir at every point in time is an essential factor amongst others in various industries, even at home as relating this to monitoring water level in domestic use tanks. Most times, checking the level of hazardous fluids by looking into the tanks by workers can be dangerous and can affect them when they come in contact with the fluids. At homes, offices etc, monitoring the level of water in the overhead tanks when water is been pumped can also be difficult and this can cause wastage of water and energy when the tank gets filled up with no one to turn off the pumping machine immediately. Therefore, this paper presents the pressure sensor (MPXV5050GP) which can measure a fluid height of about 2 meters and can be used for hazardous and non-hazardous fluids. The pressure sensor measures pressure typically of gases or liquids. The level of fluid in a container is measured with the aid of a pressure sensor connected to measure the pressure of air trapped within an inverted tube. The pressure sensor was connected to the end of a tube and the other end was inverted into a container. As the water in the container increased, the pressure of the air trapped in the tube also increased. The pressure sensor mounted on the sealed end measured the trapped air pressure which was proportional to the level of the fluid in the container. An analog to digital converter which was connected to the pressure sensor converted the analogue readings made by the pressure sensor into digital. A microcontroller (AT89C51) connected to the ADC, processed the digital signals and gave the read out. An alphanumeric LCD which was interfaced with the microcontroller displayed the value of the measured water level in litres. This pressure sensor will then automatically trip off by itself when it gets to a desired level hence, preventing wastage of water and energy. Keywords— Pressure Sensor (MPXV5050GP), Microcontroller (AT89C51), Capacity Building, Sustainable Development.